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Raising an Only Child
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Tips and Information about raising an only child
This is a community for parents of only children, first. Second, it can also be used as a meeting ground for adults who were only children, and also for the adult "onlies" to share tips and experiences about being an only child that may help parents of only children be better informed.

Topics of discussion should relate to only children. Feel free to post news links, personal experiences with being or raising an only child, and questions about the best way to raise an only child. For parental advice not pertaining to an only child, check out other communities such as parenting101.

Members do not need to post an introduction post, but if you would like to, here's a general guideline:

For Parents of an Only Child:
Child's gender/Age:
Why you feel that raising an only child is for you:
The pros of raising an only child:
The cons of raising an only child:

For Members who are Only Children:
The pros of growing up being an only child:
The cons of growing up being an only child:
Biggest advice to parents who intend to raise an only child:

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Book Recommendations
For Children:
My Only Child, Theres No One Like You (Birth Order Books)
What's So Bad About Being an Only Child?

For Parents/Adult only children:
The Seven Common Sins of Parenting An Only Child: A Guide for Parents and Families
Parenting an Only Child: The Joys and Challenges of Raising Your One and Only
The Future of Your Only Child: How to Guide Your Child to a Happy and Successful Life
Only Child: Writers on the Singular Joys and Solitary Sorrows of Growing Up Solo